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Rent a Bike and visit the city

Porto Deluxe has bicycles for rent.
Our bikes are very new and premium for a city tour. We have them in our garage, so you can just leave from our premises and return, park them and just enter the apartments for a shower…no big mess with renting bureaucracy or pick ups and drop offs. 

A bike allows you to make much faster big distances and so have a better change to feel the city and go more far a way.
And our City offers some interesting places for you to tour around on a bike departing from our central place.  
You can go to our amazing city park, huge and beautiful city beachfront, or river side while checking how Porto residents really leave.
You can do just a 8km tour, or a 30km tour with many different monuments, places, restaurants to go.

You do not need a license but we advise that only older then 14 years old do it.
We charge 20 euros a day, or 15 euros for half day tour per person/bicycle. We will give you a helmet and locker so you can stop here and there.
Contact us in the reception / email / whatsapp: 927214033